6 zodiac signs who can’t handle the truth



Having the ability to handle the harsh truth of reality is a quality that most people do not have.

It requires years of perseverance and patience to reach a certain level where battling obstacles and accepting the truth is not considered difficult.

We have to accept that sometimes when we can’t face the truth, we would rather prefer that somebody would lie to us. Astrologers have been able to decide such personalities based on zodiac signs.

So here are the top zodiac signs who have difficulty in accepting the truth:

1. Pisces

These people try very hard to distance themselves away from the harsh realities of life. Coming face to face with the truth is indeed very difficult for them. They love to think unrealistically and also prefer to stay in their own bubble for as long as they can.

2. Cancer

Cancerians always tend towards being sceptical of the people around them. They have trouble dealing with trust issues and also doesn’t believe in people easily, even if it is the truth. They will keep repeating that a certain matter isn’t true.

3. Libra

People of this zodiac sign avoid confrontations at all costs. They can’t handle the truth at all and tend to run away from situations that require integrity and confrontation. They will not hesitate to lie and sweep off the truth, if it means not hurting anyone.

4. Taurus

Taureans tend to ti lie, to get away from the truth. They will speculate that they are quite confident of the truth but in reality, they know nothing of truth. They spit out lies very easily if it means getting what they exactly want.

5. Virgo

They are very afraid of the truth and worry about what damage it will bring to them. Even if they try facing the truth, they will instantly run away. They want to believe things that are sweet to hear but the moment it turns ugly, Virgos will move away from the discussion.

6. Gemini

They are most likely to fall prey to traps that include harsh truths and realities. Even if they work very hard to avoid any such confrontations at all costs, people will somehow find a way to make them listen to such dealings. Geminis also have a hard time deciphering and deciding what the truth is, from false contexts.

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