5 things men mistakenly believe attracts women



When it’s about feeling attracted to someone, every person has their own preferences. Some focus more on the physical aspects while others rely on deeper connections.

Either way, men and women try to impress the opposite sex by inculcating some of these traits and qualities in them to appear more likable.

But there are times when you can gauge wrong and it can all go for a toss. Especially for men, if you think women find the below-mentioned things attractive, you’re terribly wrong:

1. Being in a really good shape

Sure looks and fitness matter when you wish to attract a woman. But you don’t really have to look like someone who works out six times a week to get a date. You absolutely don’t have to look like the made-up image in your mind if you think it’s the only thing to attract a woman. Just be confident in your body and that should be enough. This also doesn’t mean that it’s okay to be unhealthy with your diet. Workout, diet and stay fit, but for your own self, not with an intention to impress a woman.

2. Being the bad guy

Men have started to think that women get really attracted to bad boys! No, that’s entirely wrong. If you’re going to be mean or rude to the woman you’re trying to impress, she will simply be unattracted to you sooner than you know it. Also, at the same time, don’t try to create the pretense of being nice only in exchange for something, like sex. Don’t be a people pleaser for a woman. Be genuinely nice, kind, humble and respectful towards the woman and she will notice you.

3. Insulting women

This is a big No! The act where guys try to throw little verbal jabs at a woman is called begging and it is very unattractive, so don’t think otherwise. Don’t go around purposefully insulting women. Just understand for a fact, that playful energy is attractive for a woman. Knowing how to use banter is attractive. But plain insulting a woman and calling it banter, is wrong and unattractive.

4. Making good money

Most women don’t even care how much money you make. You can be a rich guy but if you’re insecure and you try to use your money to attract a woman, it won’t work one bit. In fact, you will end up attracting a woman who doesn’t even like you for you, but for your money. Make good money but to make a good living for yourself. Stop thinking you can buy a woman’s attraction by showing her your money.

5. Cockiness and arrogance

Men mistakenly think that these two traits are attractive. An arrogant man doesn’t care what anyone thinks. A confident man, on the other hand, will take the other person’s opinions into account but won’t alter his behaviour only to get approval. A cocky man runs his mouth about his accomplishments. But a confident man will talk about his passions because he is passionate about them. Not just women, but people, in general, can catch on to the confidence that someone shows or is lacking. So if you want to attract a woman, stop being cocky and arrogant, start being confident instead.

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