7 reasons why extroverts make the best partners



Many people think that extroverts are shallow, attention-seeking people and that dating them is going to be super stressful because of how outgoing they are and how much they love being around other people.

But the truth is extroverts are the best kind of people to date. They’re full of fun, energy, and tend to bring a lot to the table.

Here are 7 reasons why extroverts make the best partners:

1. They open you to new experiences

Extroverts aren’t comfortable just sitting around and letting the world happen to them. They like to go out and seek adventure. They’ll pursue things that appeal to them and do things they’ve never done before just for the thrill of it. If, like me, you’re a person who’s comfortable staying at home all year long, dating an extrovert will bring some much-needed color into your life.

2. They encourage you to step outside your comfort zone

When you’re with an extrovert, you won’t have to worry about getting into a rut or becoming bored in your relationship. They’re going to push you to try new things, go to new places, and meet new people. They’ll challenge you in all aspects of your life and keep the spark alive even when you don’t have the strength to.

3. They’ll be the life of the party for both of you

Extroverts have excellent social skills. They can walk into any room and immediately become the center of attraction, but they won’t force you to do things just because they’re doing it. When you hang with other people, they won’t need you to entertain them. They can start conversations, hold small talk, have a good time, and let others feed off their energy.

4. They enjoy showing you off

Whenever we went anywhere and met someone that he knew, my ex would promptly introduce me and start talking about how amazing I am. He wasn’t the type to keep things lowkey or let his partner fade away into the background. He loved me and thought I was the most interesting person he’d ever met and he wanted everyone to get to see that too.

5. They’re team players

Extroverts enjoy thinking out loud, so they’re great for bouncing ideas. They love being part of a group and if you’re their partner they’ll go to bat for you without you even having to ask. When they see you struggling, they’ll come up with solutions or do everything in their power to help. Is there something you’ve been dreaming about? They’ll figure out a way to make it happen because what makes you happy brings them joy.

6. They’re full of surprises

Extroverts are like an onion. When you peel back one layer, you’ll find another there so you’re always going to be discovering something new about them. You won’t feel like they’re hiding parts of themselves from you ’cause they’ll be open to sharing and letting you in. All you have to do is go along for the ride. The dull moments will be few and far between.

7. They’re confident and charming

They can have a mellow personality but still radiate that positive energy and warm spirit that just pulls you in and makes you feel comfortable within minutes of knowing them. When you’re with an extrovert, there’s no pressure to be a social butterfly. You can just relax and watch them in their element, and just be yourself. With time you’ll find yourself coming out of your shell.

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