6 reasons why relationships are hard to maintain



In the beginning of most relationships, it is very hard to imagine things ever going wrong at any point in the course of the union. Everything seems so good and your partner can do no wrong in your eyes.

Well, that is until reality kicks in and you start to smell the coffee.

It is no secret that relationships are hard and especially long-term relationships that ended up in marriage. There is bound to be some friction at least once because people are different and we all have differing opinions.

To help you see how hard relationships can be here are some reasons for that:

1. Intimacy

Relationships just don’t thrive on sex and physical intimacy alone and can sometimes get boring after knowing each other for a very long time. When that happens, it is not the time to give up but better yet to find innovative ways of spicing things up.

2. Conflict management

There are times when partners don’t agree on anything including the very little things like what both are going to have for dinner. The root cause may be the presence of other underlying factors that have been brushed under the carpet.

These issues once extrapolated can give the false impression that things can never be the same. If both partners are not willing to solve the problem or to seek the help of a neutral third party, they may just decide to call it quits without even getting to know what the real problem was.

3. Distractions

If distractions are allowed to creep in this could be the end of your relationship. No matter what issues you are going through, talking to members of the opposite sex is not the solution.

The excitement of new attention may feel like a breath of fresh air but this will cause a drift between the two of you. If not checked, this could also grow into a full-blown affair leading to creating.

4. Familiarity

Partners are bound to lose some spark after staying together for a very long time. Like the saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt.

In most cases, once couples have decided to move in together the familiarity grows creating breeding grounds for petty fights. If this issue is not arrested on time, they may not be able to stand each other.

5. Clashing values

In most relationships, trouble begins to arise when partners begin to have incompatible goals. If you and your partner do not share in each other’s dreams and expectations, the other party will feel left out.

As time passes by, people evolve and their likings change just as their opinions do too. If this is not taken from a point of understanding, it is highly possible that arguments and confrontations will begin.

6. Brutal expectations

It is very important for partners to be supportive of each other whether financially or emotionally. When tough times come, for example if your significant other loses their job, that means that the financial load becomes greater on the other half.

But at the same time, this is no reason for the better half to wallow and sulk on the couch forever waiting for everything to be done for them. It is important to offer assistance once a struggle is identified.

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