Hilarious TikTok videos on people’s behaviour after taking Bill Gate’s COVID-19 vaccine – Watch


Tik Tok takes the crown again in 2021 as one of the entertaining platforms, as compiled videos on “Bill Gate’s COVID-19 vaccine” has made rounds on social media.

Since the virus took over the world in 2020, there’s been beliefs that the world’s second-richest person, Bill Gate is behind the creation of coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic.

The conspiracy theorists have claimed that Bill Gates has developed a vaccine that would control and even depopulate the world through a microchip.

Lots of people across the globe have also voiced out against the vaccine.

However, Tik Tok users served hilarious body reactions, if people end up taking the Bill Gate vaccine, which has cracked ribs of some South Africans.

Watch video below:



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