Nota Baloyi mocks Zoocci Coke Dope for threatening him


Hip hop music producer, Zoocci Coke Dope puts out a strong warning to Nota Baloyi over claims he’s spilled about rappers in SA.

Nota is famously known for his rant and critics, and some music artists have cancelled him for his thoughts.

Taking to Instagram, Zoocci intentionally calls out Nota on his stories saying;

“Yo bro manage your next act, keep talking that funny stuff on TV that get people going. Keep doing you bro. You getting lost in things you don’t know when you keep running your mouth about me. Play safe bro, don’t get too caught up. Again, talking about people you don’t know will surprise you. You don’t know me at all B. I am not from this play play world of yours, you gotta know who is and who isn’t. You are not playing safe bro trust me.”

DJ Citi Lyts joined in defense of Zoocci by saying: “Very young artist must just learn to listen and stop feeling touched when shown a way, they’ve got a lot of work to do if they really wanna be stars like Cassper, Emtee, Riky, Foca and them. That Gangstar chat will never work!! Not here in South Africa.”

However, Nota proved not to be affected by those words, as he mocked Zoocci on his Instagram stories.

“Sula i-Yogurt ebusweni boy ngizokuzwa kahle.” Which translates to, “Wipe the yogurt on your face so I can hear you.”

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