Khanyi Mbau shares her view on the alcohol ban in South Africa



Khanyi Mbau took her Twitter to share her view on the alcohol ban in South Africa as the country is now on Level 3.

President Ramaphosa announced few days ago that the country will be embarking on a level 3 lockdown and he mentioned some of the new rules to be followed which include the banning of alcohol sales.

The star who also owns an alcohol brand poured out her mind in the video.

Khanyi has once again show concern revealing if the ban has really helped the purpose of getting the numbers reduce.

She went on to ask if there has been a change since then although she isn’t discriminating anything.

The actress revealed that a lot of families do not have food, money and will not be able to pay school fees if their kids resume because their source of income has been put on hold. made it known that it has caused a lot of families.

Khanyi stated that she wants to government to look into it and find away to regulate the selling of alcohol.

Watch video below:

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