Here are the possible side-effects of excess Vitamin C intake



Immunity has been the most searched keyword of the year 2020. The coronavirus pandemic has made us all take our health seriously.

While there is already a vaccine to combat the deadly virus, it might take an year or two before everyone is vaccinated. Till then, it’s absolutely necessary to take care of our immunity the way we have been doing in the past.

Boosting immunity has made us all consume various foods and supplements. We all know that foods rich in vitamin C work wonder for boosting immunity. We all have been loading up on Vitamin C foods as well as Vitamin C supplements.

But have you ever thought if consuming too much of vitamin C, just like any other thing can backfire? Here is what happens when you do that.

Going overboard with Vitamin C

While having healthy foods, people often forget the saying, ‘too much of anything is bad’. This logic applies to immunity-boosting vitamins and supplements too. Ignorance about how much Vitamin C is needed by the body for healthy functioning can lead to overconsumption.

​How much Vitamin C does your body need?

As per studies, the recommended amount of Vitamin C is between 65-90 milligrams per day. The upper limit is 2000 mg/day. Understanding it in terms of food quantities, one orange contains around 51 mg of Vitamin C. Thus, consuming two oranges per day is more than enough to provide you with a daily dose of vitamin C.

Side effects of consuming too much Vitamin C

Though the upper limit to consume Vitamin C is 2000, which makes it very difficult to over-consume the nutrient. Though when overdosed, the body can show the following symptoms.

– Diarrhoea

– Vomiting

– Heartburn

– Nausea

– Abdominal cramps

– Insomnia

– Headache

Simply discontinuing Vitamin C can help relieve the symptoms.

Note: While consuming Vitamin C is important, you should try to consume a healthy diet that has all the nutrients, which can help your body stay fit and healthy. Supplements should be consumed only when advised by a doctor. Remember, supplements can only make up for the nutrients that you could not get from food, they cannot replace a meal.

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