8 reasons why female empaths struggle finding the right partner



An empath is truly an amazing human being. They are incredibly sensitive and they always know how to relate to the people who are with them regardless of background or relationship history.

It’s always a gift whenever you have an empath in your life with whom you are able to relate and talk to.

The truth is that empaths can really struggle to find the right guys for them. The reason for this is that they can come off as very weird or eccentric.

They are exceptionally honest which means that they are straight forward and that they aren’t really looking to play around with anyone’s feelings.

They want something real and serious right away, and that can intimidate a lot of men that they date.

If you’re genuinely curious as to why it’s hard for empaths to find the right partner, then just continue to read on until the end of this article:

1. She is already sure of what she wants

She is the kind of woman who already knows what she wants out of relationships and is never going to settle for anything less. This can come off as very snobby to a lot of guys especially when they’re the kind of men who don’t really take well to being judged.

2. She has an intense personality

She is a very intense human being because of her feelings and emotions. She has so much passion inside of her to the point that it just fully emanates from her energy. And not a lot of guys would really be able to handle this type of passion and energy from a woman.

3. She always prioritizes dependability

She is only ever going to want to attach herself to guys who are reliable and dependable. She isn’t going to want to be with anyone who she knows she would not be able to rely on whenever things get tough. And not many men would be willing to step up to the plate.

4. She is very honest and sincere

The truth can hurt, but she’s never one who is known to mince her word. She can be very honest and sincere which can be a big turn off for any man who is too afraid of confronting the truth head-on.

5. She demands emotional maturity and satisfaction

She is the kind of woman who is always going to demand full maturity from any guy that she’s with. However, not many men are mature enough to actually be able to give her the emotional satisfaction and fulfillment she needs in a relationship.

6. She demands freedom

She is always going to demand her freedom even in the context of a relationship. And too many insecure men out there always want to be taking control of the women that they’re dating.

7. She doesn’t engage in games

She isn’t really looking to play games the same way that most guys do these days. She doesn’t want any short-term flings or casual hookups. She’s looking for the real thing and that can really scare a lot of men.

8. She is very inquisitive

She is a deeply inquisitive woman who always wants to get to know any guy that she’s dating in a deep and profound level. However, not all men are going to be receptive of such inquisitive natures. That’s why they end up dismissing her when she asks too many questions.

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