Buhle Samuels calls out men who feels they are entitled to every woman



Actress Buhle Samuels has taken to her social media to call out men who feels they are entitled to everything a woman has most especially their time or space.

Taking to her Twitter, the star wonders how men behave the way they do as she let them know she won’t tolerate any disrespect from them all in the name of relationship or love.

Although, Buhle did not say if she she is talking out of experience but she gave an instance where some men see women sited alone in a restaurant or bar and feel the need to join them without first asking if their interruption is welcome.

“Men, why do some of you feel the need to walk up to ladies you don’t know pull up a chair and seat yourself? What manners are these? I hate that thing! It’s so arrogant to assume that your interruption is welcome. Nigazosidina maan!”

Buhle went on to share how she feels about this issue ahs caught the attention of so man wanting understand which approach women preferred, others were already claiming that women “don’t know what they want”.

One tweep went as far as saying Buhle would probably not say the same thing if it was Duduzane Zuma who interrupted her space.

See her tweets below:


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