Lebo Mashile shares her thoughts on Gender-Based Violence (GBV)




Lebo Mashile took to social media with some advice for victims of gender-based violence (GBV) looking to come forward with their stories.

She started off by telling fans that GBV is a very serious issue and something that is yet to be resolved due to fear.

Labo also mentioned that is care is not taken, many victims will keep coming forward day by day to share their experiences and how they’ve lived or living with it.

“This marks a change in our culture. We’re moving towards creating a society where victims are believed. However, please be aware of the legal implications of naming someone as a perpetrator. This could lead to further trauma. Make sure you aren’t inadvertently breaking the law,” she tweeted.

In another statement, Lebo made it know that there are ways survivor and victims can share their stories.

She said: “There are ways that survivors can share their stories, build solidarity, and expand these important conversations online. Referring to the perpetrator as ‘colleague’, ‘friend’, ‘ex’, or ‘stranger’ or using a pseudonym can protect you from being sued or facing legal action.”

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