8 thing you should stop posting on social media



Social media is certainly useful to interact with the people you cannot see every day, as well as to acquire knowledge on every possible subject that comes to your mind, it can also be pretty harmful if you are not careful enough.

I know you’re all so thrilled to share your personal life on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and the likes, but there are certain things that should never be exposed online.

Here’s what relationship experts have to say about that:

1. Your sex life should be private, not shared on social media

What happens behind your closed doors and between your bedroom sheets is only your and your partner’s concern. The juicy bits from your intimate life should never make it to the news feed on Instagram. Sex talk is only acceptable if it’s shared with your close friends. In any other case, it’s just too much.

2. Stop posting personal information about your lover

Your partner and you are not the same. You may think that there’s no harm in sharing a simple selfie or a meaningless piece of information about yourself, but then your partner might not have the same opinion. It’s simple. Some people just want to keep their private life as private as possible. Respect that.

3. You don’t need to tell the world about your quarrels

More importantly, you should never allow yourself to share your quarrels online. Your disagreements and personal issues with your partner are things that need to be resolved between the two of you. When you share that piece of information online, you basically invite complete strangers into your own home.

4. Stop humiliating yourself by trashing your partner’s ex

No matter how your partner’s ex-relationship has ended, it’s always better to keep those dirty secrets under the carpet. Firstly, out of respect for them, and secondly, out of respect for yourself.

5. Stop seeking validation by posting embarrassing status update

Yes, we all love seeing new notifications. But, some of the people out there practically live for that. They are so hooked to their social media accounts that they’re constantly worried if their new post has enough likes or views. Because you know how it goes, the more followers a person has, the greater the validation they receive. And what is life without the approval of others, really?

6. Refrain from sharing passive-aggressive comments about your partner

If you have a certain problem with your partner, then you have to face them about it and do your best to find an optimal solution for your issue. Posting about it online won’t make it better, it will only add more fuel to the fire. Keep everyone out of your own relationship drama and learn to take care of your private life.

7. Private, unapproved photos of your close ones are a No

What can be cute and fun to you, might also be completely unacceptable for your partner. Do not share private photos of your partner unless you actually get permission from them to post them. Believe me, no one wants to scroll their feed and come across a picture of themselves drooling onto their bed. It’s not funny. Cut it out.

8. Don’t make fun of your partner online

The thing is, the tone and the meaning of your message might not be understood the way you intended. You can tease your partner in person and make offensive jokes on their account without any harm done because they know your real intentions. But, social media… That’s where it gets too hard to explain the real tone and context of your jokes.

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