7 common tricks women use on men



It can be infuriating having to deal with a woman who makes things difficult. But that’s just part of the game.

A woman’s mysterious nature is a popular tool for manipulation and control in the power play of relationships. And only the men who are patient and resilient enough will be able to really win her over and get her to open up.

But what if you happen to be the kind of girl who doesn’t know how to play the game? What if you’re not so well-versed on the tricks and tips of the trade?

Well, that’s what this article is for. Not to say that you should be wreaking havoc on the lives of men. But you should know how to employ these techniques if you want to gain a man’s interest.

Here are some common tricks women use on men to get them interested:

1. You flaunt how amazing your life is on social media

You have an amazing life – and you want him to know about how amazing your life is even when you’re not with him. And so you don’t hesitate to post about the fancy things that you buy for yourself or the nice places that you travel to on your own.

2. You don’t respond to his text messages right away

You deliberately don’t reply to him right away so that you give him the impression that you’re a busy gal. You don’t want to be giving him all of your time. You don’t want him to think that you’ve been waiting around for his text.

3. You deliberately withhold affection with him

You don’t want to be giving him everything that you have especially when he hasn’t done anything to earn it yet. You want him to work for whatever affection that you give him. So even if you’re craving to give him your affection, you refrain from doing so.

4. You cry on purpose to see how he would handle it

You can tell a lot about a man based on how he handles a situation with a crying girl. It’s a great test of character for him.

5. You test him to see where his ego lies

You feed him compliments about various aspects of his life just to see where his ego lies. You don’t know if he’s egotistical about his looks, his intellect, or his achievements. And you want to find out by feeding him compliments in these areas.

6. You give him the silent treatment to test how he would react

You can say so many things by saying nothing at all – and not many guys are able to understand that. And you want to make sure that he does.

7. You feign helplessness so that he can come and help you out

You don’t really need his help – but you want to see how far he’s willing to go just to help you. And so you will feign a little helplessness to test him out. You want to see if he’s really got your back. You want to know if he’s really someone you can rely on to be there for you.

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