5 signs he’s using you as an ego boost



You feel that you are the luckiest girl on the planet because the guy you are head over heels in love with is always showing you off.

Sure, it is a dream come true when that special person is always hung up on how pretty you are. But sadly, there are times when that person is simply taking advantage of you and your looks.

He knows about your feelings for him and therefore, uses you just to boost his ego. He knows that by talking to you he will feel like the most gorgeous looking man ever born and thus, he talks to you often.

Here are 5 signs to know whether he is using you for an ego boost:

1. He is inconsistent

One day, he’ll flood your phone with messages, and then for the entire week, you do not hear from him. Then suddenly he’ll call you and convince you about his intentions towards you and again disappears for a week or so.

2. You don’t go out together often

You keep convincing him to go out with you, but he is always too busy. Whenever you do go out, it is usually to a place of his choice and there too, he hardly talks to you and just shows you off.

3. He doesn’t care about your life

He never shows any interest in your life whatsoever and is always too preoccupied with himself. He pretends to care but he really doesn’t and never lends his ear to listen.

4. He doesn’t include you

Whenever you are out with his friends or family, it is always he who talks to them and makes you feel like an outsider. He simply wants to show you off to everybody and doesn’t really include you in the conversations.

5. He dominates you

He often decides your outfit and tells you how to present yourself. All your conversations are about him and he never seems to care about your thoughts and opinions.

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