Top 10 highest paying jobs in South Africa




Are you stuck on what career path to follow and want to decide? Do you want to know where the greatest incentives are in currently regarding South African blogs? Do you want to know your job prospects after graduating?

Humans are naturally driven into action, and much more motivated when incentives are involved; the reward for effort.

Knowing the current high paying jobs in South Africa can help motivate you to push, sacrifice, and work out, as well as direct your career path.

These are the professions with the highest earnings in South Africa:

1. Software Engineers

A relatively new job in the country, but software engineer tops the job with the highest earnings in South Africa. Software Engineers design, develop, and maintain software programs. The average pay of a Software Engineer is R1.2 million per annum.

2. Pilots

Piloting is one of the most sophisticated, professional, and skill demanding job, in the same ranks with professions like Medicine.

To become a pilot, individuals go through many years of training and must earn several certificates and licenses to qualify as a pilot. On the side, there might be a fulfilment to piloting. Flying in the sky, from one place to another, especially intercontinental travel. The average pay of a Pilot is R695,800 per annum.

3. Lawyers

Lawyers are still, very much among the highest paid professionals in South Africa. Individuals, businesses, and governments require legal representation and advice. The average salary of a Lawyer is R655,000 per annum.

4. IT Managers

What IT managers do is that they oversee tech-related operations in a business. It is their duty to build more cost-efficient and cost-effective systems to meet organisational needs. The average pay of an IT Manager is R620,230 per annum.

5. Medical Specialists

As sophisticated and requiring high skills as piloting, medicine careers require training taking years, as much as 9 years for general practitioners, and specialists must still undergo advanced education and clinical training. The average pay of a Medical Specialist is R616,000 per annum.

6. Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers are in charge of traffic in air travel. You are familiar with road traffic. In the air, it is quite different. Air traffic controllers make sure aeroplanes fly at safe distances from one another. The average salary of an Air Traffic controller is R580,000.

7. Petroleum Engineer

The main job of a petroleum engineer happens at an oil refinery where they drill to draw up crude oil. It takes about 5-6 years to obtain a degree in Petroleum Engineering. The average pay of an Engineer is R570,000 per annum.

8. Actuary

An actuary deals with the organisation’s financial impact risk and uncertainty. They assess and examine the potential uncertain events bring like the current coronavirus, and they assess what impact potential financial losses will bring. The average pay of an Actuary is R550,000.

9. Chartered Accountant

Accountants are very important. They are needed in businesses both big and small, private firm or government organization, etc. They give financial advice, make sure of accuracy and provide trusted information regarding financial records, and audit accounts. The average pay of a Chartered Accountant R435,000.

10. Management Consultant

A major task a management consultant does is to aid organizations in achieving and attaining in their performance, a massive improvement. They analyse the organisation’s existing problems and challenges and then develop a plan or ideas to help overcome the problems and challenges. The average pay of a Consultant R390,000 minimum.