6 negative health effects of eating fried foods



Everyone is guilty of eating fried foods. French fries, wafers, fried chicken, deep oil grilled meat and the likes can be so tempting that we can’t resist.

With such a huge variety, it is next to impossible to avoid these notorious foodstuffs. With such a fast paced life, at times there is no option but to go for the fried and processed, ready to eat items available in the market.

But do you ever wonder, what sort of impact this has on you body? You might have heard that “your food makes you.” Then what does all that oil make you?

Well it makes you sick; very very sick. The list is actually pretty long but the following are the 6 negative health effects of eating fried foods.

1. Acne

This is probably the most common negative impact of eating fried foods. All the acne prone people who are fed up of their skin eruptions, try curbing your fat intake a little. You will see the difference yourself. Excess of fried food intake disturbs your body’s normal metabolism. Acne develop when the there is excessive sebum production on the skin. Too much of fried foods over activate the sebaceous glands. They start secreting way more than required which ultimately blocks the skin causing eruptions.

2. Obesity

Well you don’t need to be an Einstein to know that fried foods make you fat. Our body is designed to store fat. Fat is a precious source of energy for the body. But nothing is good when in excess. When you consume a lot of fried food, the body stores more and more of the incoming fat. Thus your body receives more and utilizes less. With all that piled up fat, you start looking bulkier and heavier.

3. Diabetes

Type II Diabetes is when your body is unable to produce sufficient amount of insulin to deal with the sugars. When this happens, you are advised to monitor your sugar intake. But the fat which you also take in, is also broken down to yield sugars within the body. Therefore, too much of fried foods can alter your sugar level as well. Hence monitor your fat intake as well if you want to avoid diabetes.

 4. Blood pressure

When we talk about fried foods, it is basically too much of oil, salt, spices, at times preservatives etc. Excess of fat starts appearing in your blood making it denser than normal. This gives your heart a hard time to pump it to through the body. Secondly all that salt which contains Sodium, exerts extra pressure on the heart to pump more, It even leads to water retention which further aggravates your heart. This increase your blood pressure and if not controlled this can lead to heart attacks.

5. Heartburn

Heartburn is commonly called acidity by people. This is the actually acid reflux from the stomach back to the oesophagus which is the upper part of your GIT. The fried foods stay in the gut for longer as it takes a lot of time to break them down. Thus the esophageal sphincter opens late. The acid production rises and instead of going down the track, it starts pushing the content upwards as the sphincter is closed.

6. Arteriosclerosis

Arteriosclerosis is the disease wherein your arteries or veins are blocked- partially or fully. The reason behind this is too much of cholesterol in the blood. The floating cholesterol settles down in your blood vessels and slowly and gradually blocks it. Then, that part of the body does not get the required amount of Oxygen and nutrients. Curb you fried food intake which is full of hazardous oil. Once the artery is completely blocked then you have to go through a Bypass surgery.

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