Bill Gates says the world should prepare for another pandemic after COVID-19



Bill Gates speaks about the next pandemic, believing that the current pandemic, COVID-19 which the world battles will soon come to an end.

The American business magnate stated that this isn’t the first pandemic, as other generations have battled and overcome pandemic in the past.

He states that the previous battle won made this generation familiar with the ongoing battle, and he says the current pandemic has given the world valuable experience in preparation for the next one.

Gates also spoke about how the unity among different governments helped in tackling the virus.

“That kind of shared effort is important because in a global crisis like this one, you don’t want companies making decisions driven by a profit motive or governments acting with the narrow goal of protecting only their own citizens. You need a lot of different people and interests coming together in goodwill to benefit all of humanity.”

Meanwhile, South African government says immigrants in the country won’t be excluded from receiving the vaccine.

“We are in SA and we have many millions of undocumented people and [we can’t say they shouldn’t receive the vaccine as they are undocumented]. The demand for the vaccine is going to be exceeded, and we are not going to turn away undocumented people,” the National Treasury director-general, Dondo Mogajane revealed

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