Florence M. condemns absence of sign language translator during Ramaphosa’s latest speech



Florence Masebe has expressed her disappointment with the government.

The star called to Deputy Minister Mkhize to do something about not having sign language interpretation.

This occurred as result of President Cyril Ramaphosa not having sign language interpretation during his address on Monday.

Florence took to social media to express her disappointment and let Mzansi know how she feels.

She said: “Sign language interpretation is not a favour. It is a basic necessity to many citizens who, unlike those who keep making these ‘mistakes’, do not have the ability to hear the president when he addresses the nation. You cannot afford to keep getting this wrong”

Florence mentioned: “It bothers me so much that they think it’s OK to keep apologising for not providing a service that is a basic right. Deputy Minister @ProfMkhize, please look into this.”

See tweets below:

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