Cristiano Ronaldo becomes first person with over 400 million followers across his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts




Cristiano Ronaldo has become the most-followed person on the social media platform.

The star is no stranger to milestones as he has surpasses other celebrities in getting more followers all over the world.

The only account which has more followers than Ronaldo on the platform is Instagram’s official account, which has 261 million followers.

With the new achievement on social media, Ronaldo leaves behind popular celebrities, including singer Ariana Grande (221 million followers) and actor and wrestling icon Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (217 million), who are second and third respectively in terms of followers on Instagram.

The Portuguese footballer is also the highest earner on Instagram through his paid posts. As per reports, Ronaldo earns between USD 466,000 and USD 777,000 for each post on the platform.

The 35-year-old reportedly earned USD 47.8 million from paid posts on Instagram in 2020.

Ronaldo’s biggest rival and Argentina star footballer Lionel Messi is said to be ranked second among sportspersons on Instagram with 183 million followers.

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