5 reasons you keep having consistent acne breakout



One of the things most people crave is to have flawless skin but acne breakout wouldn’t let you shine in peace.

Nothing is as annoying as not finding out the reasons your acne keeps recurring. Most people often ask themselves or friends questions like, “why do I keep breaking out?”

Well, something as small as your daily hygiene and routine has a lot to do with acne breakouts. Treating acne can be nerve-racking especially when it seems like nothing is working.

This article will show you some things that are responsible for recurring acne. Before you speak to a specialist about your recurring acne breakouts, here are some of the reasons that acne keeps coming back:

1. Excess oil and sugar consumption

What you take into your body has a lot to do with your outward appearance. If your recurring acne breakouts are around your neck, jawline or chin, it can be a sign that your body has more than enough oil and sugar it can control.

Your skin which is an excretory organ tends to react when your body can digest the excess oil and sugar in the body. This reaction comes out as acne.

2. Dirty pillowcase

When you sleep at night, all the oil on your face is released on your pillowcase and just rubbing itself back into your precious little pores the following day and days after.

No matter how busy you are, your pillowcase should be changed at least once a week. That’s a simple way of inviting acne back to your face. Ensure you clean and wash your face every night.

3. Stress

When your stress level increases, every part of your body reacts. According to studies, stress is one of the most common causes of skin conditions.

Stress influences the production of excess cortisol by the body and other hormones in response. These hormones trigger the overproduction of sebum in the skin. Excess sebum clogs the skin pores, which results in recurring acne breakouts.

4. Change of skincare products

When you change your skincare products, it takes some time for your skin to adjust. This happens to people with very sensitive skin.

This adjustment means acne breakout amongst others. If these reactions last more than two weeks, then you might need to stop using that product.

5. Dehydration of the skin

The weather plays a major role in dehydrating the skin. A lack of water supply reduces your body’s ability to self regulate.

Dehydration often leads to an accumulation of dead skin cells that can plug up a pore. If you don’t drink enough water, your skin gets dehydrated and you get acne breakouts despite applying several treatments.