5 tips on how to have a deeper connection with your partner



As the season of love slowly comes to an end, it is that time of the year when you look into your relationship and tie loose ends and probably improve on areas that may be lacking.

At the moment, most people are busy with work and it comes as no surprise to find relationships struggling and others balancing on the edge of breakups.

As much as paying bills is primary, we should never forget the most important things in life are the relationships that keep us going.

No matter how busy and committed you might find yourself, never let your relationship grow stale. Here are simple ways you can have deeper connections with your partner:

1. Have meaningful conversations regularly

It is not enough to just meet your partner over the weekend and fool around, sometimes go for dinner dates and talk about your lives together and where you see each other in a few years.

Talk about your achievements, failures and fears, create a safe space for each other where you can both freely talk about how you feel towards each other.

2. Be present

When it’s bae time, ensure you keep it that way. Don’t spend all your time together texting other people or browsing.

For you to connect with your partner you have to be there both physically and mentally, ask about their day an how they are doing. When they notice you are showing interest in their life, it is likely to be reciprocated.

3. Openly show concern

When having a talk with your partner, it is not enough to just listen and nod, you need to show concern and express how you feel as well.

Let your partner know and understand you emotionally connect with them and that you are emotionally invested in their life. When your partner feels you care, they will be able to open up and love you more.

4. Learn from your mistakes

Nobody is perfect and your differences will put your relationship into test all the time, it is not what you do during an argument that matters but how you get over your arguments.

Work on yourself a much as you expect your partner to improve on themselves too, do not fight over the same things every day, this will only cause a drift between you.

5. Be open to different opinions on love

Allow your partner to have a voice in your relationship, it is not always about you and how you want things. Your partner has a voice too and it might not always be in line with what you want but sometimes you compromise.

When you meet half way it is easy for both of you to bond and create a bigger friendship than just merely being lovers.

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