Thickleeyonce on being proud of her body size



Thickleeyonce is one South African celebrity who is proud of her body anytime anywhere.

The plus-sized fashion influencer has been dragged severally as regard to her body but she does not let it affect her as she keeps moving high.

Taking to Instagram, Thickleeyonce shared a nude photo of herself near a vast flower.

This is not the first time she’s showing off her body without clothes.

Thickleeyonce decided to hype herself from her curve to her skin to the way she talk and so many others.

Thickleeyonce captioned: “There is no one I’d rather be than me. From my curves, to my skin…to the way that I talk, to the clothes I wear to my opinions and views and values to my talents and interests, I really love me. I can’t imagine not feeling this way about myself.”

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