Pearl Thusi seeks for prayers



Pearl Thusi seeks for prayers from fans and lovers across the globe while opening up about her career on IG TV.

While oversees, the actress cleared the air as regards some news, and further revealed doing the biggest audition of her life, which can change the game forever. She urged people to pray she bags the role she auditioned for.

“I’m actually quite excited about it, so can you please pray for me wherever you are so that I get it because I might just change the game. I haven’t been this excited about an audition in a long time.”

Pearl further confirmed the news about Netflix SA series Queen Sono and the new role bagged on Wu Assassins season 2.

“The same week that I lost something so incredible, and God said I got your back and I got you covered. And here I am today, doing something quite special as well. Still in line with what it is that I love doing.”


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