7 secrets that men hide from their partner



A relationship is based on trust, despite this, everyone has their secrets. Even with your partner, it is normal to have some information outside their knowledge.

Being an honest person is indispensable and you should have a great sincerity and simplicity with that important being in your life.

However, men often hide things from their partner, not as cheating, but prefer to keep it to themselves. In this article, we will tell you about some things that your man probably does not express so openly.

1. Full confidence

“I’m not jealous,” is one of the biggest lies a man can tell you. Trust is an important key to a relationship, but they know the intentions of the other guys. For this reason, when they are in love, they will always suspect a deception on the part of their partner.

2. Lies

Men are very annoyed to get into fights or conflicts with their partners, for that reason, they must tell you a little lie to keep you happy. They can be small, or big things, the problem is when they do it very often and it becomes like an extreme sport. You must be attentive to what your man tell you and if you feel he is doing it more times, he probably has other intentions.

3. Extra-conjugal flirtation

They do not do it on purpose (most of the time), they usually flirt with some girl in the cafeteria. In fact, they do it daily, even if they do not tell you, it can be from a small glance to a stranger on the street, to a compliment to the beauty of work. Maybe they could get to a talk with a woman in a bar. Keep in mind that men are like that by nature, but you should also be sure of your partner and not go crazy with jealousy.

4. He is also sentimental

Although they do not say much, men are extremely emotional, the only difference is that they pretend perfectly. They love receiving compliments on their physical appearance and personality. Try to tell him something positive about his being and believe me he will love that little detail. Although they look strong and like alpha males, inside they want to be loved deeply.

5. Hide the income level

It is normal for a man to hide from you what he really earns because it is known that the main problems of a couple are for the economy. Do not take it personally, they will simply try to take care of your future in case something happens. If you find out they are lying about it, maybe it means that you are spending a lot of money on yourself and this is not good.

6. We all have a past

Everyone has things that they regret in their past, and they probably do not know everything you’ve done. However, this does not mean that he is a bad person, he just was not with you when these things happened. In most cases men are more experienced than women, so they are likely to have more experience in that area. Do not judge, all you have to do is accept it and make a decision if you like this situation or not.

7. They love that you plan things

Some ladies do not even make the effort to make plans, they leave all the homework to their partners. Although it is a small detail, it is extremely important for them, since they cannot always guess what you are going to want.

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