Sarah Langa reveals how she made her first million



Sarah Langa has taken to social media to reveal how she got her first million.

Few days ago, the star gave her fans and followers on Instagram the opportunity to ask questions as she does the Question&Answer session.

The social media influencer revealed that she made her first million cash by getting a divorce from her ex-husband, Jehan Mackay.

Mackay and Sarah got married in 2017.

After two years and ten months of marriage, Mackay filed for divorce in September 2019.

He reportedly became irritated with Langa’s obsession with social media which she used to build her career before meeting him.

Recently their divorce was finalized.

She has since moved on and seems to have publicly declared a relationship with American actor and model, Redaric Williams.

Langa, however, revealed that her divorce earned her her first million, “I GOT DIVORCED”. 


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