Unathi reveals how she got rid of her cellulite



Unathi has taken to her social media to reveal how she was able to get rid of her cellulite.

Taking to Instagram, the star shared pictures of herself stating that some people are fine with their cellulite while others aren’t.

Unathi mentioned that she has been asked by several people how she got rid of her cellulite.

The South Africa judge mentioned that she started noticing her cellulite was getting off after she reduced her wheat and dairy intake.

She also mentioned alcohol causes cellulite as she has to use cellulite oil and detox cream.

With these, she was able to finally get rid of it and live freely.

Unathi captioned: “Some of us are fine with our cellulite and some of us are not. To each his/her own. Many of you ask how I got rid of my cellulite. I’ve added raw and touched images to be fair”

“The day I SEVERELY riduced my wheat and dairy intake my cellulite started to disappear. Alcohol also causes cellulite 🥺 It’s true 😂 I also RELIGIOUSLY use the cellulite oil and detox cream from @africology_sa which are INCREDIBLE,” She concluded.

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