Ayanda Ncwane urges women not to be scared to find love again after a failed relationship



Ayanda Ncwane took to her social media to dish out some word of advice to her fans on International Women’s Day.

Taking to Instagram, the star spoke about how women are dragged for wanting to move on after a relationship fails.

Recall, the media personality lost her husband a few years ago.

Ayanda also went on to advice women not to be scared to find love no matter their age and history.

“Happy International Women’s Day MBOKODO . It’s so sad that billions of women, young, old, rich , poor, white, black, straight, gay, etc are still living under such circumstances as unequal to their male counterparts. SIS, It is a personal decision to take back your power and your voice.

She also went on to let women know that they should never abandon themselves in a relationship

“Never abandon YOU when you get married. Never settle for nonsense in a relationship, never compromise yourself worth regardless of the opportunity. Older women remove the word BEKEZELA when you advise women in difficult situations especially in troubled marriages/ relationships.

Read in full below:

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