Busiswa encourages gender-based violence victims to always speak up or walk away



Busiswa is not having it with the way gender-based violence (GBV) is being handled in the country.

Taking to Twitter, the star called out men who insist on defending abusers and attempting to justify abuse.

The musician also remind victims to be careful of the men on the app as they are willing to defend their their brothers no matter the evidence.

“One thing about my brothers on this app, they will defend, justify and nullify abuse.”

Busiswa also went on to encourage those who are in an abusive relationship to always speak up or walk away.

“If you’re in abusive relationship, I know it may feel like you’re on your own and have nowhere to go but please speak up and walk away. It’s not worth your life or joy. You deserve joy too,” she said.

See tweet below:

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