Proverb reflects on life as he’s about turning 40


Proverb thinks about life in general, and the many decades he’s lived as he nears 40-year-old.

Taking to Instagram, the TV personality claims he will be 40 in a month time and he’s thought about the goals he desires to achieve.

Being sincere to himself, the rapper revealed that he hasn’t achieved the goals he’s set, but one thing he is grateful for is the peace he’s gained over the years.

“Exactly 1 month to go until my 40th. I find myself reflecting alot and asking myself if I am where I wanted to be by 40. Have I achieved the goals I set, am I who I wanted to be? The honest answer is no, this has been the toughest decade of my life. But through everything I’ve lost, the one thing I’m most grateful to have gained.. Is Peace,” he said.


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