Thickleyonce reveals her biggest life lesson as she turns 28 today



Thickleeyonce is celebrating her 28th birthday today and she is grateful to God for keeping her alive even with all the negativity around her.

The star has been dragged severally as regarding her body size but one thing is that she did not let that being her down.

Taking to Instagram, Thick shared some beautiful pictures of herself revealing what her biggest lesson is as she turns 28.

She mentioned that she has learned to live her life to suit her and only her.

The model also went on to say that people need to start doing what makes them happy because at the end, they still get judged anyway.

Thickleeyonce captioned: “At 28, the biggest life lesson I’ve learned is that you’ve got to live your life to suit you and only you. Do whatever makes you happy, cos in the end, they’ll judge you anyway! Life is too short to please other people. PS: thank you soooo much for all the beautiful birthday wishes!!”

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