3 sensitive reasons why women dump men



No one ever wishes to fall out of love at a certain period of time in their life. Although no one is perfect, partners need to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their relationships.

When a break up takes place, most people find it quite hard to fix things and move on. Just as men dump women, women can also leave their male counterparts.

A woman can dump a man as a result of the following reasons;

1. Available only when you need her

A successful relationship entails sacrifices and respect. If a woman loves you, she will plan out to ensure she has time for you. Once she realizes you are taking her for granted, she will move on with someone else.

Ensure you spare time when both of you are convenient and talk yourself to each other.

2. Do not listen

Women love attention. Once you realize that she is talking, it might not be what you wished but you should lend her your ears, advice the best way you can or support what she says. Listening shows that you really care and respect her opinions.

3. Obsessed with self-love

Self love is important for everyone but it should never be an obsession. Constantly praising oneself in front of their wives as well as how good they are do not sound nice. This might make things worse since your wife can dump you for someone else because she will think you are demeaning her.

Avoid unnecessary self-praise as you might appear arrogant and complicate any situation at hand. Most women need humble men who will praise and adore them.

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