South Africans shocked at Da LES “ridiculous” requirement for his all-white brunch



Da LES got brows raised and jaws drop following the announcement that he is going to be hosting an all-white brunch in Durban.

The event will be hosted by the rapper and Sasso. But, the requirements for the brunch attract controversy.

Hair-cuts, Shape ups and clean shaves are a must for the men who will be invited to the brunch. While the ladies are expected to do the following: Hair-dos, waxing, manicures and pedicures.

It was also stated in the card that all invited guests will receive an email. Whoever doesn’t get the mail simply means he/she isn’t invited.

However, the instructions garnered mixed feelings and the rapper trends on Twitter over this issue. Some persons said Sjava is surely not going to be invited due to the requirements.


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