7 reasons why unconditional love doesn’t exist anymore



Back in the day, to love someone meant to love them unconditionally. But this kind of love is hard to spot these days.

Unconditional love is the purest form of love. It involves loving someone, accepting them the way they are wholeheartedly, and sticking together despite issues, making compromises and solving issues along the way.

It’s about loving someone without any conditions. This was the kind of love we’d see often in the past. But unfortunately, it’s been hard to spot these days. Here’s why:

1. Unwillingness to make compromises

The strength of a relationship lies in making compromises, because otherwise there’d be endless fights and arguments that would only stop at a breakup. Prioritizing your needs over your partner’s is not the right thing to do in a relationship. Instead, the focus needs to lie on how to work things out together.

2. Strong attachment to materialistic things

People these days care more about their materialistic possessions than their partners. They prefer playing games on their smartphones and buying the latest gadgets in town rather than spending time with their lovers.

3. A strong desire for casual hookups

Sex drives the majority of interactions between men and women after they turn 21. The popular dating apps of today understand this desire and are, hence, all the rage. Sleeping around with different individuals might provide for a rich sexual life, but will soon leave you feeling more empty, loveless and lonely.

4. They avoid taking responsibilities

With love and relationships come responsibilities and commitment. These days, however, people avoid taking responsibility. Unconditional love is not about playing the blame game; it’s about being mature enough to take complete responsibility for one’s own words and actions.

5. People are more egocentric these days

Individuals are quite egocentric in this day and age. They prefer putting their needs ahead of others. Even though everyone has an ego, focussing just on one’s personal needs and desires overtakes their ability to feel love and empathy for another.

6. They need everything to be perfect

The current generation is so obsessed with perfection that they just can’t deal with flaws in their partners. Everyone is in search for the perfect individual — one who is flawless and who can fulfil all their wishes and needs. Such a perfect individual doesn’t exist.

7. They have high expectations

For a relationship to work successfully, the partners need to put in a lot of sustained effort together. They need to learn to manage their expectations and realise if they’re being unrealistic about it. High expectations of another is typically the root cause of pain and disappointment.

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