7 things to keep in mind when dating a divorcee



Getting divorced is no doubt a difficult thing. The court case, custody dispute, the broken dream of ‘living happily after’ and people’s taunts can really take a toll on the person getting divorced.

The person may become emotionally and fragile that they may have trust issues. Dating such a person can be no less than walking on a tightrope.

This is because your partner may not be able to forget their tormented relationship and the emotional wounds caused by the same.

However, there are a few things that if kept in mind can help you in dating a divorcee. To know what those things are, scroll down to read more.

1. Give enough space to your partner

Giving space to your partner is quite important. Irrespective of whether your partner is a divorcee or not, letting your partner enjoy their me-time is another way of showing your love. Your divorcee partner may need some time to figure out the arrival of love in their life for the second time. Instead of pushing things, keeping a check on your partner, stay back and let things go with the flow.

2. Treat the children (if any) with respect and love

If your partner has kid(s) with their ex-spouse, then, it is important that you treat the kid(s) well. Your partner wouldn’t like to see your mis-treating their kids. It could be possible that you may not like the kids at first but then you can take your time and build a rapport with them. If the children do not accept you at first, instead of trying to be their new dad or mom, you can try to be their friend.

3. Do not build high expectations

It is obvious that once you come closer and start dating each other, you may build some expectations on your partner. You may expect certain things such as he/she makes efforts to spend time with you, cares for your happiness, etc. The problem arises when you build unrealistic expectations from your partner. For example, expecting your partner to forget their marriage all of a sudden and put their trust in you as soon as you start dating can be wrong.

4. Focus on gaining mutual happiness

Since a healthy relationship involves both the individuals, it is extremely important to achieve mutual happiness and common goals in the relationship. Caring about only your happiness and not giving importance to your partner’s needs and choices can make them feel the urge to end the relationship. Your partner may consider you as a selfish person and would regret dating you.

5. Avoid feeling sorry for your partner

Just because your partner is a divorcee doesn’t mean you should feel bad for them. What led to the divorce of your partner and their ex-spouse shouldn’t make you feel sorry. Instead, you should appreciate your partner for showing the courage to walk out of an unhappy marriage.

6. Accept your partner the way they are

Acceptance is something that a divorcee may seek in their future partner. When you accept a person the way they are, it shows that you love that person genuinely. Instead of sulking over your partner’s preferences, choices, behaviours and habits, it is better to understand that your partner may have a way of living. They may like certain things that you may not like.

7. Avoid playing games with Your partner

Playing games with your partner can be a wrong thing to do, especially if they are a divorcee. If you like your partner, then, tell clearly. There’s no point in dropping hints to see if the person guesses what you are up to. If you have some feelings for them in your heart, then it is better to voice them clearly.

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