9 health reasons that will convince you to go vegan!



Want to lose weight, eat less meat, stick to a plant based diet or make this world a better place by doing your bit for the environment?

Whatever be your pick, simply eliminating meat and dairy products from your diet can make you healthier. If you ask a seasoned vegan the reasons and benefits of going vegan, he will give you a laundry list.

With the plethora of benefits that going vegan has for you, its only wise for you to try and adapt this food philosophy.

Here is a list of benefits that will convince you to switch and adapt the vegan diet:

1. Helps you slim down

If you are looking to shed those extra pounds, then going vegan can give you a great new perspective to the weight loss process, unlike many other fad diets. Vegans are known to have healthier body weight and BMI than meat-eaters. Include a lot of green vegetables, tomatoes and squash in your diet as these foods are low in calories and can promote energy and health.

2. Can reverse heart disease

The nutrients from a vegan diet are known to help normalize blood pressure, lower blood lipid levels and keep your heart healthy. Vegans have a 57% reduced risk of contracting heart diseases and high blood pressure. Eat foods rich in iron and calcium such as dried beans, dark green vegetables and soy products for your heart health.

3. Reduces your saturated fat intake

Consumption of a diet high in saturated fats is known to elevate blood pressure and make a person prone to heart diseases and many more disorders. A vegan diet eliminates meat and dairy products that in turn strike out saturated fat intake.

4. Increases longevity

Many well-designed and established studies have now confirmed that a vegan diet is the key to long living. Vegetarians have a 12% reduction in the risk of death from any cause compared with non-vegetarians. Plant-based foods are rich in antioxidants that can protect the cells from free radical damage and fight many diseases.

5. Rich in vitamins and minerals

A vegan diet is all about consuming fresh produce like fruits and vegetables that are packed with vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals are vital nutrients for many key metabolic processes in the body, and the lack of even a single micronutrient could prove to be delirious.

6. High in fibre

A vegan diet automatically enhances your daily fiber intake and ensures good gut health. A diet rich in fibre does not cause spikes in your blood sugar levels and thus prevents diabetes.

7. Reduces the risk of cancer

The plethora of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and high fibre that is provided by a vegan diet helps reduce your cancer risk. Vegans also have a great immune system that helps in prevention against a range of cancers.

8. Good for skin

A vegan diet is a great source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients help fight the free radicals in the body that reduce pigmentation, prevent wrinkles and fight ageing. Also read 10 foods you need to eat for your glowing skin.

9. Is refreshing

A vegan diet is great in terms of revitalising and refreshing you. This diet keeps your body and mind healthy by eliminating meat products and dairy that leaves you with a sluggish feeling most of the times.

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