Lasizwe reveals he has no plans on going back to school



Lasizwe has revealed that he has no interest in going back to school.

This is coming after the star helped raised funds for students who find it difficult to pay their fees as he thanked those who helped him achieve his aim.

According to report, the comedian mentioned that he is so sure school will bore him and that he won’t want to waste money when there are a lot of people who wants to go to school.

“To be honest, I don’t plan on going back to school. I know myself enough to know that school is probably going to bore me now. I mean, school was tricky even then so I don’t want to waste money, especially when there are people that really want the chance to go to school but don’t have it.”

Lasizwe said he was glad things worked out for him without a formal education in the end.

“Right when I began my career, I was supposed to go to varsity but things didn’t work out and any chance I had to go was destroyed when my mother died.

“It [the fundraiser] is something that I wish somebody had done for me at the time, but back then I just gave up on going to school and hustled instead. I completely poured myself into making videos and hustling to get my social media career off the ground and luckily it worked out in the end.”



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