Anele Mdoda helps hungry stranger



Anele Mdoda has taken her generosity to the next level after she helped an hungry stranger who asked for her assistance.

Taking to Twitter, the star has decided to show that she can use her influence and platform to do good for others.

The stranger asked Anele for food or vouchers in order to feed her family.

Twitter user n_lindelwa bravely took to social media to tell her story in an attempt to get help from Anele.

The media personality did not disappoint as she rendered help to the needy.

The stranger tweeted: “Hello. I’m asking for help please with food for my family. Things are very hard for us, seeing my siblings and mom starve breaks my heart. If you have a job for me, anything please. I don’t want money. A food voucher or you can buy the meali-meal for us please. God bless.” 

She posted her phone number with the tweet.

Anele responded and told her to check her phone as she had sent something.




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