Barack Obama throws Trevor Noah under the bus in a recent interview – Watch



Trevor Noah has been thrown under the bus by former President of the United States, Barack Obama.

A video of them in an interview went viral and Obama’s response was the height of it.

In the video, they both had a very light hearted conversation which delved deeper into politics.

The two had a very thought provoking conversation which social media managed to twist and made it into a roast fest.

In the clip, Trevor asks Barack Obama how has he managed to transition from being president of the US, to being “an ordinary citizen.”

He asked him how does he view or react to social issues he sees on television as a person who is no longer in that ‘powerful position.

“When you transition back to personal life, I wonder what that is like, because unlike you I do not have that power to change the world or do something about it. Because in many ways you are like me…you see a thing on TV and you get angry or sad and can’t really do something about it,” asked Trevor.

Barack Obama laughed off the “insult” and responded by saying “Well, first of all I am not anything like you. I still have a lot more influence and clout. So let’s just be clear and try to keep things in perspective.”

See tweet below:

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