Top 7 worst reasons to get married



Couples tie the knot for many different reasons, but sometimes what they think is sound judgment is really just a giant mistake.

If you’re having cold feet—or watching a friend make a giant mistake—know that there are good reasons to cancel a wedding and some very bad reasons for getting married.

A wedding is an amazing, beautiful thing that can strengthen your relationship and improve your life. However, there’s also a lot of hype around weddings that can make you really want one, even if you’re not ready, or your sweetheart isn’t marriage material.
From the hyperbolic rhetoric of “the best day of your life” to shiny pictures in magazines, it’s easy to be swept away by the fantasy of a wedding day. The truth is that your wedding is just one day and marriage is for the rest of your life.

2. To get presents

Many brides and grooms eagerly look forward to the bevy of loot that awaits them when they get married. Yet, wedding presents aren’t reason enough to get married.

You can actually expect to spend more money on a wedding than you would have on just buying yourself whatever you dream of. And what no one tells you is that, while a wedding may be expensive, divorce is also expensive (and a lot less fun).

3. Loneliness

Being lonely is hard, and many people are afraid of being alone. When you get to a certain age, it might seem like a person is your “last good option.” But you will meet other people to love, and if you settle, you might miss out on someone really amazing later on.

4. You’re feeling pressure

This might be the most common reason people have a wedding before they’re ready. There’s intense pressure in a marriage proposal, and it’s not easy to say, “I love you but I’m not ready yet.” Even worse is when your partner issues an ultimatum:

“Either we get married, or we break up.” Though sometimes a person needs a strong nudge to get them over their fears, it can lead to ignoring your gut instincts and having to cancel the wedding later on.

5. All your friends are getting married

You might feel left out if it seems like everyone but you is headed to the altar. It is nice to go through life’s milestones on the same track as your friends.

Then again, it’s always better to be the last of your friends to get married than the first one to get divorced. As a bonus, if you wait, your friends will have better wedding advice and more time to help you with yours.

6. Your ex is engaged

There is a sick, delicious joy in telling an ex that you’ve found someone better. When an ex is engaged, it might feel like the shoe is on the other foot.

Spite doesn’t feed a relationship, though. There are many better ways to make an ex realize that you are the one who got away.

7. Sex

If your religion asks you to wait for sex until marriage, you might be tempted to rush the wedding. Sure, it’s hard to wait and not know what you’re missing, but sex is just one way that you can make each other feel good. Give each other massages, have marathon makeout sessions, and express your love in different ways instead.

Make sure that lust isn’t the only thing pushing you down the aisle. Keep in mind that most religions that ask you to wait, also frown on divorce.

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