9 ways to become your spouse’s best friend



Friendship is a vital ingredient in the relationship shared between a husband and wife. For a marriage to be successful, it goes beyond the surface, it goes deeper than what you can you ever imagine.

Permit me to say that your spouse, husband or wife, should be your best friend and not any other person.

You can achieve this by doing the following things:

1. Quality time

A friend is someone you enjoy his or her company. This should be the experience with your spouse. No matter how busy your schedule is, find a time in a week to spend quality time together even if there is nothing to discuss.

2. Know everything about your spouse

Some spouses don’t know each other and that is why they encounter a lot of problems in their marriages. If you want to be your spouse’s best friend, get to know him or her intimately.

3. Share likes (favourites)

If your husband loves football, enjoy that time with him, if your wife loves some other TV shows, enjoy that time with her. Sometimes, you need to enjoy what your spouse likes even if you don’t really like them. What are friends for anyway?

4. Play games

Games are good, interesting, they boost our thinking faculty when we engage in them. There are times in your marriage when you should just act like children, play games, create fun and enjoy it.

5. Fight and settle deliberately

Friends usually fight and afterwards come together again. Sometimes, a fight happens but you just have to make up your mind to settle things deliberately.

6. Give due respect

Respect your spouse accordingly. Respect each other’s choices, respect the person he or she is and you will see your marriage growing, becoming stronger.

7. Be true

Transparency is very important, if you want your friend to trust you, you have to show yourself trustworthy by being truthful always, not keeping any detail secret.

8. Say everything

Communication is a very important aspect of friendship, talk with your spouse, share gist, express your feelings always.

9. Be friendly

If you want to be a best friend, you must also be lovable. Don’t be full of negative attitudes and expect your spouse to make you his or her best friend. Be caring and available at all times for your spouse.

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