Masasa Mbangeni loses childhood friend to GBV



Masasa Mbangeni is not taking it likely with the GBV issue in the country as she lost her friend to it.

The star who is not shy to say whatever feels is wrong took to her social media to talk about GBV and how some people don’t want her to speak on it.

In her post, Masasa shared that she lost her friend who was abused and killed by her husband.

Taking to social media, Masasa posted a picture and spoke about how she lost one of her friends to abuse.

“To people who say I have no right to comment on #GBV this is a childhood friend gunned down by her husband. This could be me or you? Shall we still keep quiet prefects of GBV?,” she said.

The perpetrator is still on the loose and Masasa has been posting on social media in hopes that the man will be found, so he can pay for his crimes.

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