8 things you need to stop caring about after 30



When you’re in your teens and twenties, you feel everything so hard. It’s the first time for many adult experiences.

But as you keep on adulting, there are some things you need to stop caring about; the toxic things that used to hold you back and be at the top of your priority list, swapping them out for stuff that matters more.

In this article, we’ll be listing the 8 things you need to stop caring about after 30. Read on to know.

1. Other people’s expectations and what people think of you

The peak of this feeling definitely came in high school and college, but once you start picking up real life priorities and responsibilities, this hormonal paranoia slowly vanishes.

2. Birthday parties!

Throwing that epic rager or having the perfect Instagrammable fine dining dinner with your squad is really not a priority anymore. Throw us a bottle of red and season 1 of “Mad Men” and we’re good.

3. Obsessing over a soulmate

In your 20s you’re freaking out about being alone forever and meeting that perfect person for you. In your 30s, you’re indifferent, and also just down for someone that’s a good guy who actually cares about you. Somewhat perfect.

4. On a related note, the idea that you have “a type”

Yeah , there are traits that you’ll probably like, but you have no idea what your dream man will end up looking like.

5. Being worried that you’re not the life of the party or as adventurous as your could be. Your days of adrenaline-pumping sky-diving and trying MDMA are no more, and thank goodness for that.

6. Always comparing your lives to others

Social media doesn’t exactly help with this, but as you get older and wiser, you stop wondering how she has a husband and you don’t, or how peers have bought a house and you’re still renting. We all reach milestones at different times.

7. Turning up every weekend

You’re content reading with bae or going to the farmer’s market. Cozy nights in start taking over, and you don’t even miss the partying. Embrace grandma life – we sure have.

8. Constantly being scared that you’re going to fail

You’ve already experienced all of your “firsts”, so any ensuing breakups, disappointments, and job rejections will be less scary than they were the previous decade. The art of letting go is amazing. With mistakes come learned experience and wisdom!

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