Ever felt sudden weakness/shakiness? These are 7 possible reasons



There are several reasons to never take sudden weakness or shakiness lightly!

Sometimes a sudden wave of weakness and shakiness from inside envelopes the body to the outside and most times when ‘this passes’, a lot of people disregard or wave this off casually but it shouldn’t.

It’s possible that flimsy bits like not eating as at when due or enough, lack of exercise, side effects of drugs etc can cause the body to become weak and ‘shake’.

But there might be other underlying factors causing this that if left untreated can cause even more serious issues for the entire system.

(It’s a known fact that not exercising can cause fatigue and muscle weakness but sometimes this is not the case!)

1. Type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes can set off in form of dizziness and weakness. You’d feel hungry, tired and urinate much more than normal.

2. Congestive heart failure

Is another reason the body suddenly feels weak and dizzy. When there’s constant fatigue, shortness of breath and irregular heartbeat you should see a doctor fast.

3. Stroke

A sign a stroke is coming is numbness, convulsion and weakness. Stroke happens when oxygen and blood flow is cut off from the brain.

4. Hypertension/Low blood pressure

Suddenly feeling weak or shaky might be due to low blood pressure which should not be ignored. With low blood pressure, expert treatment should be sought to bring it back to the normal pressure.

5. Dehydration

6. Sleep deprivation

Sometimes not getting enough sleep gets the body weak and shaky. When you don’t sleep enough, basic body functions won’t be at optimum performance leaving it to give way when it can’t take anymore.

7. Body is just generally weak

Sometimes shakiness and weakness may just be as simple as the body is weak due to muscle weakness, lack of exercise and general fatigue. Here make sure to eat balanced diet, exercise, get enough rest but if it persists, see a doctor.