Video of people grooving at a funeral service surfaces on social media again


Another video of people flexing and grooving at a funeral service held in a church-like environment has surfaced on social media.

Well this is not new to South Africans, as it’s gradually becoming a thing, but over the years, there’s been mixed feelings at people who choose to get drunk and dance wildly at such event.

In the video shared by DJ Tira, people mostly dressed in black outfits were seen dancing round a coffin, and he captioned it with: “Samba ngolayini at the funeral guys nooo.”


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While some might find this weird, Emtee recently said he wants that kind of burial service for himself.

“No opps no fakes at my funeral please.”

“At my funeral, Play my music, Roll big blunts, spin a car or 2, Play trap music only! Ghetto gospel,” he tweeted.


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