7 reasons why he is not ready for a relationship with you



We all know the story of how men are from mars- the brutes, and we females are from the much fairer Venus and that means that the difference between the two creatures is night and day.

Men are simple creatures but not because sometimes they’ll point to the right when they’re thinking of left and expect you to know that it’s left and not right on their mind and this applies when it comes to dating them.

Sometimes you’ll date a man and things will be going incredibly well. You’re both happy, the sex- if you’re having it is phenomenal and the world thinks you’re the cutest couple alive.

But when you bring up the ‘So… what are we conversation’ things take a turn and that’s when you realize that you might have been in a relationship by yourself.

So you go on a thinking spree to figure out why everything is ideally great but he just won’t commit. Here we’ve come up with some pretty solid reasons why your man might be having cold feet when he thinks of cuffing.

1. He’s had his heart broken before

It could be that your man was in a previous relationship and had his heart shattered into a million little pieces and now he’s just afraid of the same thing happening again.

It’s understandable when a person wants to maintain a little self-preservation and prevent another heartbreak so this has nothing to do with you.

2. He feels you’re moving at different paces

He may feel that the pace you’re moving at is a little also fast for him. You know, when you go out a few times, you’re having a great time and just generally hanging out, and then you ask him right in the middle of your hangout what you two are.

When a guy feels the pressure to declare what you two are, he may just decide to take the easier route and say he’s not ready to call you his bae.

3. He’s just not that into you

Casually dating and being in a relationship are two different things and while he may be portraying all the signs of someone that’s into you when it comes to committing to a relationship, he may not be into you that much.

And for many guys that find themselves in this situation, saying that he’s just not ready is much easier than telling you he’s not that into you, and he also doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.

4. He wants the fun parts of the relationship

This is a bit hard to stomach but it could be that he’s not looking for a relationship and all he wants is the fun parts of the relationship like sex and easy hanging out.

A guy like this doesn’t want any strings attached and he may be looking all good and have all the right qualities but the minute the word relationship is mentioned he’s going to skedaddle out of there like he’s on fire.

5. He has another relationship going on

We’re still on the asshole guys and this type will say he’s not ready for a relationship but in truth, he may never be in one with you because you are possibly a fling he’s having on the side while he has a fully-fledged relationship going on in his life.

Some men prefer to have some side action outside of their relationships and you may be a causality of one such man.

6. He could mean it literally

A guy could mean it literally that he’s not ready for a relationship because he is no mental and emotional place for one. There could be also much going on in his life already and he’s not willing to share his free time with you because he has to balance it between his friends and family at the same time.

His lifestyle is not conducive enough to add you to the picture in a more permanent position.

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