5 interesting things South Africans are famous for


South Africans are unique people in the African continent, and some of the things that differ them from habitants of other countries are being talked about from time to time.

After reading this listicle, be rest assured that whenever you meet a person for the first time, you will easily tell if he/she is a South African or not.

Whenever you think of Mzansi, you should let your mind travel beyond Mufasa and Simba (Lion, cub), forests and humans who wear leaves and hides as clothes.

Here are 5 things South Africans are renowned for:

1. Beautiful and Curvy Women

South Africa has a country is blessed with beautiful women, as men from other countries have testified to this fact, some even long to have them as wives due to their endowment. While some women struggle to get a curvy body, a high population of Mzani women are blessed with a natural body that looks like a hour-glass.

2. Grooving at Funeral services

South Africans are lovers of parties, however, this spirit is fully embedded in them even at a burial service, where it is expected of them to mourn. Whenever you come across videos of people drinking and dancing at a burial service, don’t think far, just know Mzansi are gradually making funeral services another grooving spot. Check out this video below:

3. Dance

Are you bored and want to get entertained? Just take yourself to any party filled with South Africans, not only will you be wowed at their dance moves, you might end up cracking more than a rib. Mzansi is blessed with amazing dancers who can deliver a stunning choregraph and funny dance s also.

4. Fashion

Some of the biggest fashion designers hail from South Africa and they’ve designed wears for top international celebrates. South Africans are lover of fashion, even with their native wears, they still make fashion statements effortlessly. These fashion designers have been able to make local designs look trendy. You can check out Rich Mnisi’s designs.

5. Music




SA music has taken over the African continent and whenever some of their songs play in other countries, it’s very easy to identify their sounds, and it represents them. Most of their music producers have been able to successfully infuse local sounds to make trendy sounds.

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