5 mistakes to avoid while having oats for weight loss



There are many different ways you can have oats for weight loss- overnight oats, pack in veggies, chilled dessert, or add in a lot of fruits and have a healthy serving of protein, good carbs and several macro-nutrient profiles.

This is also what makes it one of the most preferred breakfast staples. That being said, as humble and easy as it is to make and have, there are some mistakes that could hamper your weight loss goals.

We tell you a few of them to avoid:

1. You only use water to prepare oatmeal

There are many different ways to prepare oatmeal, with water being the most preferred one.

However, making some additions will help you get more quality nutrients. Milk (dairy or non-dairy) can often have fortified minerals that will give you the extra nutrients. It can also be a good switch and not bore you out.

2. You don’t add in a side of protein

We should add some form of proteins to every meal for weight loss. However, a lot of us forget to add in proteins with oatmeal. Confused?

If you are particular about having oats to start your day on a healthier, fulfilling note, do remember to add in some protein apart from the fibre in it. Nuts, nut butter, protein-rich veggies (if you like having vegetable oats) and nuts will do you good. The same rule goes for fats. Don’t stick to simply adding fruit or two to your bowl and make it nutritious.

3. You go overboard with sugar

There are countless ways of adding some sweetness to your bowl of oats. However, ensure that your sweetness doesn’t weigh over other health benefits.

While adding sugar, you should be smart about your choices. Too many dry fruits, dressings can add sugar to your meal. The same goes for artificial sweeteners as well. If you can, opt for alternatives or healthier swaps, such as cinnamon powder, vanilla extract or minimize your toppings.

4. You are using the wrong kind of oats

Packaged oats are the most commonly available option for many of us. Sadly, they can contain preservatives and pack in high sugar too at the cost of your convenience.

If your goal is to efficiently lose weight and gain in other benefits too, go for steel-cut or rolled oats, which undergo the least procession. If you can, stick to plain oats which have no added toppings.

5. Your serving size is too big

As much of a comfort food oatmeal is, portion control, much like other foods is crucial to oats as well.

Since oats are primarily a healthy option to have, some people also make the mistake of having too much of it. Problems with serving sizes should also be avoided. For example, if you are having a cup full of oats in a day, ideally, you should be adding just half a cup of dry oats to it. The more you add, the more calories you add to your meal.

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