5 unrealistic expectations you must avoid in relationships



There is no secret to a smooth and happy relationship. All relationships go through turmoil, ups and downs, highs and lows.

Nevertheless, we can always try to save the relationship from not drowning by avoiding certain mistakes and silly expectations from our partner.

It is normal to have some expectations from your partner like loving you, keeping you happy and safe, making time for you.

However, where it goes wrong is when either of the two starts expecting more out of the ordinary. A good relationship requires effort, time, affection and commitment from both partners equally.

If these things are in check, there is nothing more you should be wanting out of your relationship. Here are 5 silly expectations you should not have from your partner.

1. They will never look at anyone else

Let’s not forget that your partner is only human and that admiring beauty wherever you go is part of human nature. Just because they are in a relationship with you doesn’t mean they will stop noticing others. This doesn’t mean they are being unfaithful or cheating on you. Getting bothered by this is only going to make things difficult for you because it will only prove that you don’t trust them.

2. They will always agree to everything you say

It is good to have a different perspective and a different approach sometimes. To think that they will always be supportive of your every decision or that they will happily agree to everything you say only proves that you are dating a spineless person and not someone who loves you dearly.

3. There will never be a fight

It is important to know fights and light banter or arguments are part of a healthy relationship. Fights and few arguments are an important aspect of a relationship to keep it going and spark things up. It makes you want each other more and brings you closer.

4. They will always be romantic

Apart from making you happy, they have plenty of other things to take care of. They will in the process sometimes lose their ability to make you smile or keep you happy 24×7 as they too need some time to relax and recharge. They have bad days too and sometimes they are just not up for it.

5. They will always make time for you

Learn to appreciate what you have and the little moments in life. Your partner will not always be available for you and that is completely fine because they have a life besides you as well. They have a family and friends with whom they need to spend time.

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