7 common mistakes you make while disciplining your kids



Every parent wants their kids to be well-mannered and disciplined. While some do it without any restraints, others seek more strict parenting techniques.

Depending on the personality of the child, different parenting styles may work differently. However, there are some common mistakes parents make while instilling good behaviour in kids.

Read on to find out what they are.

1. Public shaming your kids in the public

Never shout or scold your kid in public, especially when you’re aiming to discipline them. Public shaming can often backfire and instead of inculcating good manners, it can take a toll on their self-confidence. They might feel embarrassed and rather than focusing on the good, they may start despising you. Therefore, look for a private space and explain to them what they did wrong, instead of being impulsive and calling them out.

2. Overlooking their pleas

When it comes to disciplining your kid, teaching your kid the difference between need and want is of utmost importance. However, that doesn’t mean you ignore and overlook your child’s pleas. Even if they demand unrealistic things, instead of being indifferent, listen to them and reason with them. Explain rather than wait for them to accept the scenario as it is.

3. Setting unclear rules

Unlike adults, children take more time to process instructions. As a parent, you must explain the details of the rules you set for them. While you may ask them to do one thing at home, it is not necessary that they do the same somewhere else. Therefore, do not give vague instructions and be more clear about what you’re trying to imply.

4. Making it personal

Children are vulnerable and innocent at the same time. They lack self-control and sometimes may say things that might hurt you. However, as a parent, you must understand that it is all part of the play and they’re just saying it all to get their way. Therefore, instead of feeling hurt and overreacting, what you can do is help them understand how respect works both ways. And while some things are easily available to them, not everything can be achieved in a similar way.

5. Constant nagging and blaming

Every child makes mistakes and they need to know when they make one. However, going on and on about it and turning it into a long lecture might not be very effective. They will deviate from the real issue and will only find faults in your behaviour towards them. Therefore, avoid constant nagging and playing the blame game.

6. Bribing your kids to make it stop

Once you bribe your kid to make them stop with their tantrums, then it might become a habit in the long run. Surely sometimes, your child can be difficult. But if you bribe your way out of it, it might work momentarily, but not for long. Instead you should make him/her realise where they went wrong. Teach them the importance of patience and perseverance. Only then will they fair well in the future.

7. Making comparisons with other kids

Many times, parents think comparing their child with others might motivate them to achieve better things in life. But truth be told, it only causes a dent in the child’s self-esteem and confidence. He or she will feel less than everyone else. Therefore, never make comparisons, even between siblings. Acknowledge the fact that every child is unique. All you need to do is play into their strengths.

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