7 convincing reasons to ditch coffee for matcha



Coffee is a morning staple for many of us. We drink it for warmth on a cold day, to wake up in the morning, to ward off mid-day slump, for an extra kick of energy in the afternoon, etc.

The dark brown liquid we’ve come to lovingly call “cup of joe” has firmly established its place in our hearts. But for all its benefits, coffee isn’t perfect, it has some drawbacks.

Matcha, on the other hand, seems to have a similar effect to coffee and none of the drawbacks.

And while the taste is something that one has to get used to, matcha seems to be a game-changer for those who want to avoid all the negative side-effects of coffee.

Here are just a few of the reasons to ditch coffee for matcha:

1. Matcha can reduce acne and breakouts in general 

Studies show that matcha and green tea can help those who struggle with acne and breakouts. There’s a reason a lot of skincare products have green tea or matcha as an ingredient. The secret lies in the anti-inflammatory properties of green tea, and, in the grand scheme of things, inflammation is the cause of all our health issues. So if you want clear skin, try introducing a cup of matcha to your daily rituals and see if there’s any improvement.

2. Matcha can reduce stress and anxiety

Matcha is full of amino acids that can increase the happy hormones in your body and make you feel calm and relaxed, unlike coffee, which can make you feel quite anxious at times. So if you’re an anxious person in general, it’s probably best to avoid coffee and hop onto the matcha train.

3. Matcha will give you the energy boost you’re looking for 

The caffeine in matcha is the slow-release type, meaning it’ll last longer and you won’t experience the crash that we often feel after the energizing effect of coffee wear off. Plus, as we mentioned above, matcha caffeine is offset by the amino acids that keep you calm, so you get the happy medium of feeling energized yet not anxious.

4. Matcha has anti-aging properties

Green tea is often praised for its anti-aging properties, but matcha has even more of those anti-aging antioxidants since matcha is made of whole powdered green tea leaves, preserving more of the good stuff that will keep you looking young and healthy.

5. Matcha can protect you from the sun

We all know about the dangers of the sun, harmful UV-rays, etc. That’s why we wear sunscreen every time we go outside, right? Well, studies show that green tea can prevent skin cancer and protect you from the sun. Drinking green tea can not only help prevent skin cancer but also provide some protection from UV-radiation.

6. Matcha promotes oral health

Unlike coffee, which can stain your teeth and give you that horrible stinky coffee breath, matcha can improve your oral health. It has cleansing properties, and it can improve gum health and ward off gum disease.

7. Matcha can boost your metabolism and help with weight loss

Matcha has serious metabolism-boosting properties and even proved in studies that it can prevent fat accumulation. So now you know that all those people that swear by drinking tea to stay fit and slim might be onto something.

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